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James Jean is a Hero of Mine

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James Jean


Speaking Uvula « Mira Yung

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Speaking Uvula is a porcelain speaker taking the form of an open mouth.

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Human Displacement

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Mike Campau

This series of images makes a statement about the human form and the effects of nature, society and surrounding environments. In each case the human form was created in 3d, posed in a sexy or heroic position and then disfigured by a displacement map created from natural and man made elements. The final image results in something that is grotesque and beautiful at the same time.
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Alma from Rodrigo Blaas

Creativity and Computation: Artist Statement

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I decided to pursue my master’s with this department in this college mainly because of the open acceptance and support of my desire to blend my abilities in traditional fine art with that of new media.   I started with the need to increase my skills in animation so I could get a better job.  But I’ve seen so many possibilities open up for me that now I’m uncertain about my path, which is pretty exciting.

My passion is drawing, illustration and sculpture along with my deep love of learning.  From scribbles on notebook paper to formal life drawing classes, I have always loved creating a beautiful line. The same is true in my sculpture; I enjoy it most when I am making something beautiful. In my pursuit to make a living from my art I slowly became an expert in Photoshop.   Most of my career has been spent as a digital retoucher/image editor specializing in compositing.  I loved that work, but after ten years I was getting bored.  I had to learn more to keep my art moving and keep myself engaged with life.  Whether it’s a large-scale charcoal drawing, a 3-dimensional forensic facial reconstruction, or a digital composite, I try to learn from everything that I create.

The biggest surprise to me since starting the degree has been the fields I had not considered entering (or had even known existed for that matter) before I entered the program. Information mapping and the possibility of teaching are just a few that I’ve discovered.  I can only imagine what the next semester and following year holds, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

Digital World Tokyo

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Ever fall asleep on the train?

GPS-based Wake Me Shake Train Alarm app

Major Studio: Interface: Final Documentation Paper

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Visual Effects: 100 Years of Inspiration

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Assignment 6: Mythology as Interface: Animation Documentation

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Forensics to me was a way to make my art meaningful.  I wanted to be helpful.  And it was an ideal way to combine my creative abilities with my love of science.



While I was working on the Chris’ metamorphosis I discover these images created with frames in onion-skinned layers.  I have been interested for many years in using layered transparencies in traditional and digital media.  So this discovery has been really intriguing to me.  These captured images reveal the history of the process and the mapping of the illusion that makes animation possible are really intriguing to me.

So I am now creating a forensic log and book documenting the images using the layer/and frame/construct and opacity …


Assignment 6: Mythology as Interface: Rotoscoping Sneak Peek Stills

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I really like the look of these oinioned process shots.

I think they work beautifully as print variations of the animation process.