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Digital Play: Concept Animation for Final Processing Code

In Collab:Digital Play, Fall 09 Archive on November 27, 2009 at 1:47 pm

This is a concept animatic for the final construction and programing.

I also wrote some pseudo code to try and get this step by step. I’ll scan that and post it later.

Crab Dinner for Two from Jeanne Kelly on Vimeo.


Assignment 6: Mythology as Interface: Production Schedule

In Collage, Fall 09 Archive, Major Studio Interface on November 17, 2009 at 6:10 pm

Actually … Last Month of Classes Production Schedule

  • Metamorphosis Animation: Frames Per Day Breakdown:
    • 900 total frames @ 2up for 30 seconds (@29.97 frames per)
    • 450 total
    • 150 frames per week
    • 30 frames a day for five days per week
  • Musical considerations:
    • Alla Rakha/ Vision of Peace – The Art of Ravi Shankar
    • East Greets East: Kaharwa, Tribute to Nippon
  • Mythology Mapping:  One Week to complete
  • Rough Daily Breakdown ‘til the Bitter End:


Digital Play: Dinner for Two: Code

In Fall 09 Archive, Major Studio Interface on November 17, 2009 at 12:32 pm

Sooo …

how to make the grey box onto a crab and have that move …

hmmmmm …..


float bx;
float by;
int bs = 20;
boolean bover = false;
boolean locked = false;
float bdifx = 0.0;
float bdify = 0.0;
PImage t;
PImage a;
float craba;

void setup()
size(1000, 500);
//Load the crab image
a = loadImage(“1.png”);

bx = width/2.0;
by = height/2.0;

//Load background image
background( t = loadImage(“table_top.jpg”));

void draw()
//Draw the background to clear sketch
background(t = loadImage(“table_top.jpg”));

// Test if the cursor is over the box
if (mouseX > bx-bs && mouseX < bx+bs && mouseY > by-bs && mouseY < by+bs) { bover = true; if(!locked) { fill(153); } } else { stroke(153); fill(153); bover = false; } // Draw the box rect(bx, by, bs, bs); //Draw the Crab image(a, craba, craba); craba = craba + 7; if (craba > 250){
craba = – 10;

void mousePressed() {
if(bover) {
locked = true;
} else {
locked = false;
bdifx = mouseX-bx;
bdify = mouseY-by;


void mouseDragged() {
if(locked) {
bx = mouseX-bdifx;
by = mouseY-bdify;

void mouseReleased() {
locked = false;

Thematic Page Structure

In Collage, Fall 09 Archive, Major Studio Interface on October 20, 2009 at 8:38 pm

This is an outline of major elements on a thematic page. It includes most div elements, theme actions and hooks, and widget areas.  .thanks dwenaus

thematic_doctitle(), thematic_create_contenttype(), thematic_show_description(), thematic_show_robots(), thematic_canonical_url(), thematic_create_stylesheet(), thematic_show_rss(), thematic_show_commentsrss(), thematic_show_pingback(), thematic_show_commentreply(), wp_head()



#branding thematic_brandingopen(1)

#blog-title thematic_blogtitle(3)
#blog-description thematic_blogdescription(5)


#access thematic_access(9)


ul#nav (superfish)








#index-insert (default)
#post-4 …



widgets ul



widgets ul



Green: widget areas

Dashed: optional area

Dark red: action hooks

Light red: filter hooks

Italics: Thematic actions

Widget areas also exist for page-top, single-top etc.




Visual Mapping of RFID Waves

In Collage, Fall 09 Archive, Major Studio Interface, Wow on October 17, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Two Oslo-based design researchers have created a visual model of RFID fields in an effort to show curious designers how RFID looks and works, and help shed light on its functionality.

The project was carried out by Jack Schulze and Timo Arnall as a collaboration between BERG, a British design consulting firm, and Touch, a research project housed in the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, with the express purpose to study near-field communication and wireless proximity-based technologies.

Immaterials: the ghost in the field

CCLab: PHP Blog Start

In Collage, Fall 09 Archive, Major Studio Interface on October 14, 2009 at 9:22 am

I started with the website and got the blank slate.  I just didn’t know where to start from there and I just I learn sometimes better by taking something apart and having to put it back together.

So after some research I started with the ThemeShaper Tutorial.

And couldn’t get past the bare minimum.  Thematic Framework and then developed off the Thematic Power Blog. The Thematic Power Blog is a child theme for Thematic. It’s basically a developers version for Thematic. As a theme developer, you can easily change everything: the header image, the placement of boxes and colors. With 17 widgetized areas of content, you have full control.

So some things I changed:
Personalized the header.
Categories are cleaned up and all posts where re-categorized to fit into broader themes.  New subcategories where created and populated for assignments and research.
Tumblr. stream was added to primary sidebar.
New pages were created: the about again page after I somehow deleted it and one for thesis notes and thoughts.  Both must be developed.
Some things I want to change:
Type and arrangement. How future proof is the organization and layout?
To hide or collapse a sidebar or widget area if there is no widget occupying it.  To clean up the code.
Show only the ‘date’ above and ‘comment’ below each post.

How do you get people to take the stairs?

In Collage, Wow on October 8, 2009 at 7:46 pm

Apparently … just make it fun.

This is a video made at a subway station in Stockholm that asks the question, “can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?” And the answer, amazingly, is yes — by converting the stairs into a giant piano a la Big. Granted in the U.S. not a single extra person would have taken the stairs and at least two women would have called the cops about a possible bomb. Still, good going, guys, but I would have just turned off the escalator.

(via geekologie)

CCLab Assignment

In Collage on September 25, 2009 at 11:08 am
So this is the first thing I’ve written in PHP script. Our assignment as to use three variables and use a calaculations. There’s not much to it but it works.


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
	<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
	<title>Jeanne Kelly, CCLab homework_2</title>

$pencils = 12;
$manga = 45;
$tshirt = 20;

$total = $pencils + $manga + $tshirt;

echo "Conventions are not cheap - even when the ticket is free.  Of course the manga were a steal at <i>$manga</i> dollars and the pencils, eraser and leads were great for <i>$pencils</i> dollars ... but once you add the t-shirt at <i>$tshirt</i> dollars, I still spent <b>$total</b> fracking dollars!";



Here is the link to the .php

Scrapyard Challange!!

In Collage on September 20, 2009 at 6:26 pm

The Scrapyard Challenge Workshops, led by artists Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katharine Moriwaki, are intensive workshops where participants build simple electronic music controllers (both digital and analog inputs) out of found or discarded “junk” (old electronics, furniture, outdated computer equipment, appliances, turntables, monitors, gadgets, etc.). Participants also build simple drawing robots or “DrawBots” with motors, batteries, and drawing markers that can be connected to Serial or MIDI interface. At the end of the day or evening, the workshop participants have a small performance/concert where they play their instruments together as a large ensemble.

Bring in:

Glue Gun/Glue Sticks
Soldering Iron

This was a blast!


Sideshow of Scrapyard Challenge 2009!

Here is an index of those photos if you’d like to download them.


Here is a short video of  “The Scrapyard Challenge 2009 Concert”!

Here is an index of videos: one for each person presenting and then more!

The video index will only be up for a short time.  They take up way too much space, but I wanted to make them available for everyone to download.  If you’d like one and know (and know which one it is because there are about 40) and you didn’t get a chance to ownload it, email me and I send it to you.

The individual presentations start with #000018, so if you know where you where in the lineup you can narrow the search, I’d relabel them, but I do not know everyone’s name.  Let me know who is who and I’ll try to rename the videos.  Enjoy!


Cartoon Creator App

In Wow on September 4, 2009 at 10:02 am


Cartoon Creator would have been interesting to use in Bootcamp for our flipbooks.

For .99 cent I have to give it a shot.

If the app allows downloading of your work, I’ll post that on here.