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Thematic Page Structure

In Collage, Fall 09 Archive, Major Studio Interface on October 20, 2009 at 8:38 pm

This is an outline of major elements on a thematic page. It includes most div elements, theme actions and hooks, and widget areas.  .thanks dwenaus

thematic_doctitle(), thematic_create_contenttype(), thematic_show_description(), thematic_show_robots(), thematic_canonical_url(), thematic_create_stylesheet(), thematic_show_rss(), thematic_show_commentsrss(), thematic_show_pingback(), thematic_show_commentreply(), wp_head()



#branding thematic_brandingopen(1)

#blog-title thematic_blogtitle(3)
#blog-description thematic_blogdescription(5)


#access thematic_access(9)


ul#nav (superfish)








#index-insert (default)
#post-4 …



widgets ul



widgets ul



Green: widget areas

Dashed: optional area

Dark red: action hooks

Light red: filter hooks

Italics: Thematic actions

Widget areas also exist for page-top, single-top etc.





CCLab: PHP Blog Start

In Collage, Fall 09 Archive, Major Studio Interface on October 14, 2009 at 9:22 am

I started with the website and got the blank slate.  I just didn’t know where to start from there and I just I learn sometimes better by taking something apart and having to put it back together.

So after some research I started with the ThemeShaper Tutorial.

And couldn’t get past the bare minimum.  Thematic Framework and then developed off the Thematic Power Blog. The Thematic Power Blog is a child theme for Thematic. It’s basically a developers version for Thematic. As a theme developer, you can easily change everything: the header image, the placement of boxes and colors. With 17 widgetized areas of content, you have full control.

So some things I changed:
Personalized the header.
Categories are cleaned up and all posts where re-categorized to fit into broader themes.  New subcategories where created and populated for assignments and research.
Tumblr. stream was added to primary sidebar.
New pages were created: the about again page after I somehow deleted it and one for thesis notes and thoughts.  Both must be developed.
Some things I want to change:
Type and arrangement. How future proof is the organization and layout?
To hide or collapse a sidebar or widget area if there is no widget occupying it.  To clean up the code.
Show only the ‘date’ above and ‘comment’ below each post.